Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Case Histories soundtrack

UPDATE: If you are looking for the songs from Case Histories Series 2 (broadcast in the UK in May/June 2013), click here: Case Histories Soundtrack Series 2.


I love Kate Atkinson's books, partly because she's a good writer and partly because I can't help wondering about the lost sisters. They are the thread in Case Histories but the theme goes back to Behind the Scenes at the Museum, her first novel. And because I also have a lost sister, I wonder.

And I loved the BBC's 'Case Histories' adaptation, even though it falls into the common category of 'not as good as the book'. I've got to confess a lot of it's to do with Jason Isaacs. I never imagined Jackson Brodie as quite so hunky when I read the books... but I'm not complaining.

The other reason for loving the series is the soundtrack. Who could fail to love a programme that highlights work by Lucinda Williams, Nanci Griffith and Iris DeMent? The music has attracted plenty of comment - so when are the BBC going to release the soundtrack album?

I've searched for a list of the songs but all I can find is on the iPlayer credits. So, before they disappear from view, I've compiled a list as a public service. I intend to investigate further the stuff I hadn't heard before. I recommend you do the same.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Why I'm not celebrating Father's Day

In my gmail bin I have an email inviting me to 'adopt a veg' for Father's Day, an email offering CAMRA Father's Day gift membership, and a third offering 25% off fairtrade ties for... you guessed it.

Spammers don't care what percentage of recipients actually buy their stuff. These totally legitimate organisations, whose messages I am usually happy to receive, don't seem to care what percentage of their recipients don't have fathers to buy presents for.

Or don't want to buy a present.