Thursday, 17 July 2008

Why age does matter

Tracy Emin is older than Elvis. Tracy Emin is 45. I am older than Tracy Emin. Some people will try to tell you that age doesn't matter. These people are men. Age does matter. And the bottom line is, it matters more when you’re a woman. Emin is being interviewed (by a journalist who, presumably, likes the ‘tortured artist’ angle) and she is talking about the fact she’s never had babies. To cut a long story short, she never met the right man at the right time. (That’s what I always tell people, when they ask: it’s a long story.) Has she written off the prospect of having children at all? asks the interviewer. Emin answers:
Every day I'm writing it off. I'm adjusting to not having them.
You don’t though. It’s not something you adjust to. It’s not something you ever do get used to.

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