Monday, 20 October 2008

Never mind the adverts

I don’t watch much TV so I’ve only just caught the famous Johnny Rotten butter advert, although several people have told me about it. They seemed to think I’d be upset. Funnily enough, I don’t care.

John Lydon sold out when he re-formed the Sex Pistols. What he does when he’s not being a Sex Pistol is no concern of mine. He’s making a good job of reinventing himself as a great British eccentric and national treasure, and I quite like that. This latest project seems to fit his new role quite well.

It’s not as though the ad is for anything that actually matters. And it’s not as though there was anything in the punk manifesto about poverty being a good thing. Lydon’s first band, if you remember, made a career out of getting money from corporations for very little, and winding everyone up. This seems perfectly in keeping.

PS It’s on YouTube, obviously. But I’m not going to put a link to it because that’s what they want.

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