Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Singles going steady

Maybe it’s a bit late for a new year resolution, but this year has been slow getting started. Something to do with the snow, I expect. So here’s mine: this year I will listen to more music.

There was a time when I would put on a record as soon as I got up; put on another as soon as I got home; spend all evening with the radio on. I don’t remember how it stopped. I think it was something to do with silence becoming more precious (see No Music Day). Losing silence was bad. But so was losing music. I think I want it back.

Yes, I still have those nights when I get drunk and play vinyl. You’ve got to, really. I still listen to Radcliffe and Maconie when I can get Husband to turn off the telly. (THE show for middle-aged types who think they are still hip. Which is most people I know.) But I want music to be part of my life again.

I was never one of those people who put their vinyl in the loft (bad idea anyway: it could melt). But it was in a cupboard behind the sofa for quite a while. Last year I spent a lot of money on ebay buying record cases so I could make my LPs more accessible. Now’s the time to access them.

But first: the singles... This week I randomly tacked F. And reminded myself of a few things. The Farmers Boys wanted to be Orange Juice*. Cherry Red was a rather good label** (anyone remember Fantastic Something?). Rod Stewart was only good for about two years (before he split up with the Faces***).

*Apparently they are still going. **Ditto. ***You guessed it.

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