Monday, 8 March 2010

Yes, I am a feminist

I like a good gossip about Mad Men. (Is Roger still in love with Joan? Is Don losing his grip on cool?) But it’s interesting to discover how different people have different perspectives on the same thing. One of my colleagues (age: under 30) confessed she was surprised to see the extent to which a woman’s status, in that particular time and place, was tied to her husband’s job.

Young British women, it seems, have no concept of how different, how recently, women’s lives were from their own. They take for granted the fact that their independence and autonomy are now considered the norm. It’s not their fault: apparently, no-one told them.

Today is International Women’s Day. I’ll be putting the Guardian poster up at work.

A new series about feminism, Women, starts tonight on BBC4. I intend to make all my nieces - and nephews - watch it.

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