Sunday, 24 October 2010

Typical Girls

RIP Ari Up.
The Slits were more punk than anyone. They couldn’t play (to start with) and they didn’t give a damn. They did things their way. And they were more genuinely revolutionary than any of the boys.

There were plenty of role models among what was quaintly called in the 70s ‘women in rock’. But in one way or another most of them were still playing by the rules laid down by the men - about how you play, about what you play, and of course about what you look like. What was great about the Slits is that they threw out pretty much the whole rock rulebook and did something different and female and very much their own. And (unlike most of the overtly feminist bands that followed) they looked as if they were having a laugh.
I never wanted to be like the Slits. I wouldn’t have dared. But I was so glad they were there.

If you weren’t there, or don’t remember, check out this video of Typical Girls.
Here are some tributes written by people who knew more about her than I did.
Independent (Chris Salewicz)
The Guardian obit (John Robb)
Guardian tribute (Jon Savage)
Record company tribute
The Telegraph
And don’t you just love it that there are punk obituaries in the Telegraph?

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