Sunday, 1 January 2012

Life's too short for New Year Resolutions

I have no aims for 2012. I'm tired of telling myself I 'should' be doing or being something I'm not. Life's too short.

This year I won't eat my five-a-day, take more exercise, drink less beer, get more sleep.

I won't spend less time on the internet, read more books, blog every week, remember to mow the lawn.

I won't lose a stone, measure my carbon footprint, cut my carbs, use less packaging, get off the bus early.

I won't go for a walk in my lunch hour. I won't get up early for anything.

I won't 'be my own life coach'. I'm not setting goals. The only lists I make will be shopping lists.

I've finished with self improvement. I will never make a New Year resolution again.

The problem is, doesn't all that sound just like one?

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