Sunday, 2 June 2013

Case Histories soundtrack - series 2

There are a  lot of things I like about Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie books. I love the way she writes about the sad important things: life and death  and family and loss (subjects made for a country music soundtrack). I love that in Started Early, Took My Dog Jackson has turned 50. Listen to this: "His definition of elderly had changed as he himself had moved nearer to the event horizon of death." What an absolutely brilliant metaphor.

And I love the way she tells you what music Jackson is listening to.

That’s translated into brilliant soundtracks for the TV adaptations. Two years ago I compiled a list for Case Histories series 1, mainly because I wanted the information and no-one else had done it. It was fairly easy as iplayer listed the songs for each episode.

This time round, the information on the BBC website was woeful. You’d think it might cross their mind that people would be interested! But I finally tracked down the information thanks to an anonymous comment on my blog. Thank you, anonymous.

With thanks also to:
The Case Histories production company, Ruby Films, who posted the info on Twitter.
And Tellyspotting, who picked it up.

And no thanks to the BBC, who posted nothing on iplayer and did not reply to my queries.

Original score by John Keane
The Ransom – Madison Violet
Since You Went Away – Kris Delmhorst
Answer – Sarah McLachlan
When You Walk On – Eliza Gilkyson

In The Hearts Of Men – First Aid Kit
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams
Dynamite – Taio Cruz
Only Girl (In The World) – Rihanna
Price Tag – Jessie J
Umbrella – Rihanna
Staring Man – Cowboy Junkies
Ooh Baby Baby – The Miracles
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
Hardly Speaking A Word – Lori McKenna
Where Did Our Love Go? –Diana Ross and the Supremes
Slip Of The Tongue – Mary Gaultier
Swallows Me Whole – Lori McKenna
Roses At The End Of Time – Eliza Gilkyson
When You Walk On – Eliza Gilkyson

Brats – Liars
Blue – Lucinda Williams
Holding – Old Apparatus
Three Chords And The Truth – Lynn Miles

Incidentally, the official Kate Atkinson website (managed by her publisher) has a section called Jackson’s Playlists but the playlists for series 1 are broken links and those for series 2 not up yet. But it might be worth keeping an eye on.


  1. Excellent - thanks for this!

  2. Thank you for doing this, I've just watched episode 2 on iPlayer and no useful info about the soundtrack! I'd have given up but you've done it and I will go and get hold of them (I know Lucinda Williams but the rest are a revelation). Cheers!

  3. A lot of them are new to me, too (although I've loved Lucinda's stuff for years), so will definitely investigate.

  4. thanks for this, a new fan of the show and I was struck by the stark nature of the music, beautiful...

  5. anyone know the bluesy electric guitar music in episode one where Jackson visits the dead girls bedroom, then he is walking at night, finally he is jogging in the morning somewhere. Just started watching the , love it.

  6. Not sure which one that is - anyone know?

  7. In episode 1 of series 2 there is a wonderful track playing while Jackon skypes with his daughter and then walks away. The lyrics include "City of Stone, I'll be the shore off the sea, Garden of bone, I'll be the leaves on the tree." Can anyone identify the song or the artist?

  8. Eternal thanks for taking the time to prepare the playlist. I am hooked on the programs and each of the soundtracks.

  9. Thanks so much for tracking down these great songs and putting together the list. Great resource.