Monday, 7 December 2015

10 reasons why Peter Capaldi could be the best Doctor Who ever

When they brought back Doctor Who, I liked Christopher Eccleston a lot. I liked David Tennant even more. And although I worried about Matt Smith being so young, I ended up thinking he was the best doctor ever. But Peter Capaldi’s “my” doctor.

When they announced that he’d got the gig, everyone went: “Malcolm Tucker”. I went: “Local Hero”. (I really wanted to watch The Thick Of It but I couldn’t cope with the cameras. Probably an age thing.) Capaldi was brilliant as Danny in Local Hero but he’s grown up now.

I was so pleased to find someone my own age playing The Doctor. And, OK, the character’s 2,000 years old, but there are times when he comes across like a fifty-something and I love that.

So here are my 10 reasons to love Capaldi’s Doctor.

1. When he regenerated he moaned “Don’t let me be old”, looked in the mirror and freaked out about his eyebrows. We’ve all been there.

2. When he met Robin Hood and his Merry Men, he got annoyed at the way they kept laughing for no apparent reason. I don’t understand the way young people behave, either.

3. Sometimes he can’t be bothered being polite. And sometimes, when empathy is called for, he needs a crib (Clara’s cards) to check what he’s supposed to say.

4. Other Doctors tell you how clever they are. But you can actually see him thinking.

5. He doesn’t take any shit. He has the best repartee ever, even when under stress. Especially when under stress.

6. He has cool clothes. (Sorry, Matt Smith Doctor, bow ties are *not* cool.) And great hair. And he wears shades (OK, sonic sunglasses) indoors.

7. His Beethoven LPs are on vinyl.

8. He looks like a rock star. Or a fifty-something’s idea of a rock star anyway.

9. He plays guitar, loudly.

10. He is much sexier than Danny in Local Hero.

He's even got my motto. As Capaldi says on the BBC website: “He’s 2,000 years old and life is short.”

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